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Wake Up The Box 6

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Earlier version(s) of Wake Up The Box 6 puzzle game:
Wake Up The BoxWake Up The Box
Fill the wake up meter by attaching the wood parts to the wooden stand. If you do so, the stand will tilt and you will be able to awaken the senses of the sleeping box.
Wake Up The Box 2Wake Up The Box 2
Don't be lazy like the sleeping box. It doesn't want to be disturbed but you have to do something because it must not sleep at work. Go ahead and wake it up!
Wake Up The Box 3Wake Up The Box 3
Don't wait for the box to wake up on its own. You have to make use of the wooden objects to create a mechanism that will bring the box to its alert mode.
Wake Up The Box 4Wake Up The Box 4
Push the sleepy box away from its platform. Do this by drawing a variety of objects on the drawing zone. You have to make these objects move towards the box's platform.
Wake Up The Box 5Wake Up The Box 5
Make use of the given tools and find a way to disturb the good old box's peaceful slumber. It totally forgot to go to work.
Future version(s):

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