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Vex 5

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Earlier version(s) of Vex 5 strategy game:
Explore a world filled with odd shapes and spikey walls. Use the WASD keys to move. Press W then D to jump from one platform to another. Let's see if you are good enough to reach the final level.
Vex 2Vex 2
Pass through each checkpoint without falling off the screen. Be quick and do not slack off or else, you will be crushed and turned into bits. Complete all twenty-two stages and don't forget to find the hidden stars.
Vex 3Vex 3
Run through the main level of vex and search for different acts to enter and complete. Use your WASD keys to move your avatar around, and remember to avoid pitfalls such as open holes and spikes. Unlock each new area on the main level by completing each new act that you find. Enter an act by holding the S key and then complete the level with the fastest time possible. Find all acts, complete them with the fastest time possible and see how you score.
Future version(s):

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