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Sift Heads World 9

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Earlier version(s) of Sift Heads World 9 shooting game:
Sift Heads WorldSift Heads World
Be an assassin and choose whether to play the character of Vinnie, Kiro or Shorty. Your goal is to kill Alonzo, the boss of the Italian mafia. He is hiding in his HQ.
Sift Heads World 2Sift Heads World 2
Fight the nasty Yakuzas. They were chasing Kiro and now they are going to attack your safe house. Equip yourself with a gun and don't even let your guard down.
Sift Heads World 3Sift Heads World 3
Get Shorty out of jail. Alonzo is hiding somewhere and he even managed to bribe the police commissioner. You have to warn the Mayor before Alonzo can implement his plan.
Sift Heads World 4Sift Heads World 4
Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia and get rid of all your foes. Your next target is a man called Antony Harris. Kill him and hide his body before you get caught.
Sift Heads World 5Sift Heads World 5
Bring the stolen Amazon Idol to the Collectioner. He will be paying your mission. The task was rather easy but you were suddenly ambushed by a troop of armed men.
Sift Heads World 6Sift Heads World 6
Discover the mess that was left after the destruction of your headquarters. Don't be so surprised for this is all because of Alonzo. Find out why he decided to do so.
Sift Heads World UltimatumSift Heads World Ultimatum
Reunite with your team and embark on a new mission. Clean up the mess that you made and get rid of all the armed men who are waiting outside your safe house.
Future version(s):

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