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Solid Rider
Level 1 - (All Time)
Rank Country Player Name Time
1 DE BuuRaper 30s 666ms
2 DE ButtRaper9000 30s 667ms
3 FR JACK 30s 708ms
4 IT AsfuUnique 30s 772ms
5 DE Marvin01 30s 880ms
6 IT Asfius420 31s 064ms
7 IT Asfru420 31s 096ms
8 IT Astuu420 31s 109ms
9 IT Asfukurosaki 31s 134ms
10 IT Asffu420 31s 148ms
11 IT Asfus420 31s 327ms
12 IT Astu420 31s 370ms
13 IT Ascu420 31s 380ms
14 IT Asdu420 31s 469ms
15 IT Afsu420 31s 667ms
16 IT Asfuu420 31s 669ms
17 IT Aspu420 31s 671ms
18 IT Asfu420 31s 837ms
19 IT Asfiu420 31s 948ms
20 IT Asuf420 31s 975ms
21 IT Aspiux420 32s 004ms
22 IT Azfu420 32s 064ms
23 IT Asfyu420 32s 077ms
24 IT Asfu420SS 32s 090ms
25 IT Asgu420 32s 163ms
26 IT Afzu420 32s 194ms
27 IT AsfuUnion 32s 304ms
28 DE Get Rekt 32s 318ms
29 GB beast 32s 510ms
30 MX Chiko Fresa 32s 574ms
31 FR MaMeufLaSlp 32s 577ms
32 CA xcw 32s 580ms
33 BE kook 32s 660ms
34 IT asfumagnameo 32s 666ms
35 IT Asfu-corleone 32s 673ms
36 DE frzg 32s 783ms
37 US littledude-cool 32s 783ms
38 CL joseph 32s 845ms
39 ES laratm 32s 882ms
40 BR Gauchinho 32s 965ms
41 IT manciodc 32s 976ms
42 AR haru 33s 015ms
43 US thetealplatypus 33s 028ms
44 ES lara18 33s 034ms
45 FR Levrette 33s 035ms
46 ES ujhnoijo 33s 057ms
47 GeE 33s 065ms
48 AR haruto 33s 068ms
49 US JARED R SHARP 33s 081ms
50 US best-171 33s 100ms
51 IT Burned 33s 105ms
52 US fff 33s 123ms
53 AR nico 33s 157ms
54 FR ATTILAFR 33s 237ms
55 FR esteban 33s 237ms
56 US Jim 33s 240ms
57 US motorbike mania 33s 250ms
58 IT Mancio-cuea 33s 288ms
59 FR JtePrendsEnLele 33s 290ms
60 CA jd1 33s 304ms
61 FR JkenTaMere 33s 305ms
62 gfcc 33s 316ms
63 GB FAM 33s 317ms
64 AR nicocho 33s 319ms
65 ES lara 33s 325ms
66 FR peter 33s 343ms
67 FR Mat937 33s 345ms
68 IT duhitzmatty 33s 353ms
69 GB Roadmaster 33s 361ms
70 FR TaMereJLaKen 33s 375ms
71 US nic 33s 383ms
72 FR louis 33s 395ms
73 BR pintofino 33s 417ms
74 HR ivana 33s 424ms
75 FR dep 33s 459ms
76 ES txaber 33s 466ms
77 FR zrtdarkname 33s 470ms
78 US siah 33s 471ms
79 PT quinaz 33s 471ms
80 RU DRACULA 33s 483ms
81 HR ivanab 33s 487ms
82 AU jeff 33s 489ms
83 IN ROY 33s 506ms
84 US Littledude-7773 33s 534ms
85 BR jojo 33s 539ms
86 NZ Ethan 33s 553ms
87 FR LaMeufLaSlp 33s 568ms
88 US lildude-da pro 33s 575ms
89 AU Guyai 33s 588ms
90 FR fdppp 33s 590ms
91 NZ Swager Mutch 33s 608ms
92 IT ENDUROITALIA 33s 617ms
93 US Basir 33s 617ms
94 US zack 33s 620ms
95 BR Gabriel Garcia 33s 623ms
96 GB tymon 33s 628ms
97 GB rubyverge 33s 629ms
98 CO xxASAINxx 33s 639ms
99 ES kjh 33s 647ms
100 CA Dulac 33s 650ms
101 AU xavier 33s 656ms
102 ES Mike 33s 658ms
103 US dlkdfnl 33s 661ms
104 US ggggggggggggh 33s 680ms
105 US DTT 33s 682ms
106 US Jesus 33s 682ms
107 GR PNP 33s 684ms
108 US bib 33s 686ms
109 NZ rayden 33s 690ms
110 AU kfglj 33s 700ms
111 FI kalle 33s 705ms
112 ES bjfkf 33s 734ms
113 RO Tony 33s 751ms
114 RE dylan 33s 755ms
115 PK Talha 33s 778ms
116 FR ATTILA 33s 780ms
117 US james 33s 792ms
118 AR nicochoasdlknm 33s 793ms
119 US lildude da bro 33s 800ms
120 PT JohnTheGod 33s 802ms
121 US kkk 33s 804ms
122 BR Dan 33s 823ms
123 AU mad brah 33s 825ms
124 PK was 33s 829ms
125 US Build that wall 33s 834ms
126 GR stefan21 33s 835ms
127 AU PUMPIN 33s 837ms
128 US kane lasure 33s 841ms
129 US lildude-boi101 33s 845ms
130 US jbk 33s 847ms
131 AU levi 33s 849ms
132 CL francisca 33s 851ms
133 AU jnr 33s 852ms
134 US tdog-705 33s 852ms
135 FR nolan 33s 853ms
136 PK imran 33s 873ms
137 xxx 33s 874ms
138 LT andy 33s 878ms
139 US dzzzc 33s 879ms
140 CA ssss 33s 890ms
141 AU cameron 33s 895ms
142 AU mvm 33s 903ms
143 GY romario 33s 907ms
144 BR lukas marques 33s 908ms
145 US jimmy 33s 912ms
146 US hrhtfh gbdxgrt 33s 916ms
147 US Banana 33s 920ms
148 lil fabreeze 33s 932ms
149 GB ppp 33s 933ms
150 ES ELPENE 33s 936ms
151 CL Cmono 33s 937ms
152 BR ALN1001 33s 939ms
153 IN SAGNIK BASAK 33s 941ms
154 US lildude pro-101 33s 946ms
155 AU jay 33s 953ms
156 GB kylieb 33s 953ms
157 AU zema 33s 955ms
158 RS Jodza 33s 957ms
159 CA HELLO 33s 967ms
160 RO Prince 33s 968ms
161 PK abdullah ghazi 33s 983ms
162 FR zeg 33s 985ms
163 US ItWasBabies 33s 985ms
164 AU hfyyg 33s 991ms
165 NZ TYLER Smith 33s 992ms
166 US best 33s 994ms
167 US littledude 34s
168 US greg 34s 002ms
169 FR Samboy 34s 002ms
170 VE MGM 34s 010ms
171 US the best 34s 012ms
172 FR fox 34s 018ms
173 AU kai 34s 021ms
174 AU PvGxStriker 34s 025ms
175 US wqqd 34s 026ms
176 AR gabriel 34s 030ms
177 AU jssss 34s 038ms
178 US gyb 34s 039ms
179 US lildude-boss717 34s 040ms
180 PK ZIYAD AAA 34s 049ms
181 US josh 34s 051ms
182 US will 34s 052ms
183 FR ticrime974 34s 057ms
184 US D1CK 34s 061ms
185 ID WET 34s 063ms
186 US hhj 34s 064ms
187 US Evan 34s 067ms
188 AU aaa 34s 068ms
189 US jose 34s 071ms
190 AU connolly 34s 072ms
191 FR ghvczegcvdezhg 34s 073ms
192 US rrr 34s 074ms
193 US nessa 34s 075ms
194 US ghostleader 34s 079ms
195 ES SANCHEZ 34s 082ms
196 US joe 34s 085ms
197 IN shaikh 34s 091ms
198 US big dude-1234 34s 091ms
199 AL rigels 34s 092ms
200 AU brayden 34s 093ms
201 mmo 34s 095ms
202 ES ALVARODS 34s 097ms
203 IN varun 34s 098ms
204 US fyjhg 34s 100ms
205 US ghfghfgh 34s 100ms
206 AU jacob 34s 100ms
207 HU vfr 34s 101ms
208 US hvy 34s 102ms
209 US hiiiii 34s 104ms
210 FR NACHEZ ROMAIN 34s 105ms
211 NZ raydn 34s 109ms
212 VE breiker 34s 113ms
213 AU alex 34s 116ms
214 BR cu1231 34s 118ms
215 VE el kenny 34s 118ms
216 AU william 34s 120ms
217 joaco 34s 121ms
218 US bubblebutt 34s 122ms
219 IN harshithaa rock 34s 125ms
220 FR bitch 34s 126ms
221 CH rjsdf 34s 134ms
222 HU bence 34s 134ms
223 MA jja 34s 136ms
224 CA dddd 34s 140ms
225 GP youg rich 34s 141ms
226 US Donnie 34s 141ms
227 US FFFFFFFFFFF 34s 142ms
228 tttttttttt 34s 142ms
229 AU xcxc 34s 150ms
230 RE dyl 34s 155ms
231 AU kevin 34s 156ms
232 US werwerwerqwer 34s 160ms
233 HR lucija 34s 160ms
234 US truck 34s 163ms
235 FR STI2D 34s 167ms
236 ID dava 34s 167ms
237 US legend27 34s 168ms
238 FR jnounance 34s 170ms
239 RE Lc3 34s 171ms
240 ID andre 34s 176ms
241 ES Molini 34s 178ms
242 US Landon Rogers 34s 179ms
243 FR Rider 34s 182ms
244 ES dfy 34s 183ms
245 GB kennington bob 34s 183ms
246 AU mkcwdnc 34s 185ms
247 BR ITALO 34s 190ms
248 US bij 34s 190ms
249 FR MOMO46 34s 192ms
250 US gabe 34s 195ms
251 AU shane 34s 195ms
252 FR ntm teddy fdp 34s 195ms
253 US dillon 34s 198ms
254 IT motocross722 34s 205ms
255 FR bhvugQ 34s 207ms
256 eduuu 34s 211ms
257 AU cena and aj 34s 211ms
258 FR CLM56 34s 215ms
259 ID ari 34s 222ms
260 CA Caleb 34s 223ms
261 IN HARISH 34s 232ms
262 AU jacques 34s 238ms
263 NZ rgrsd 34s 238ms
264 IN lakhan 34s 239ms
265 US REX 34s 241ms
266 AU ghost rider 34s 248ms
267 BR bruno felipe 34s 250ms
268 AU nnn 34s 255ms
269 US inalej 34s 264ms
270 CL C-Mono 34s 265ms
271 US abc 34s 265ms
272 FR hdqr 34s 265ms
273 CO Gringo01 34s 265ms
274 FR yolo 34s 266ms
275 PK muzammil 34s 268ms
276 AE silas 34s 269ms
277 AU megan 34s 270ms
278 GB tye 34s 272ms
279 US gggg 34s 274ms
280 FR bg974 34s 282ms
281 US eeeeeeeeeeeee 34s 283ms
282 AU musket 34s 283ms
283 US BJJ 34s 284ms
284 LK DULITHA 34s 290ms
285 FR zer 34s 290ms
286 AU Ashpoo 34s 290ms
287 US jo momma 34s 291ms
288 GB pppp 34s 291ms
290 US ui157i9q2 34s 296ms
291 AU l8ers 34s 297ms
292 US Gabeb 34s 298ms
293 US MGF Speedy 34s 300ms
294 MX jefersonsv 34s 306ms
295 AU eddie 34s 310ms
296 US mllm 34s 313ms
297 PH pepper 34s 317ms
298 US Ace 34s 320ms
299 AE juff 34s 320ms
300 CA sss 34s 320ms
301 US werwer890 34s 323ms
302 ID RICKY 34s 324ms
303 IT Aschiu 34s 326ms
304 CZ nvbbxcb 34s 326ms
305 BD altaf ovi 34s 326ms
306 IT FRANK 34s 329ms
307 US erwrqewr 34s 331ms
308 US sdfdfs 34s 331ms
309 US Lildude is boss 34s 332ms
310 NZ RYHBNTYN 34s 332ms
311 US blb 34s 338ms
312 VE JosephSitoo 34s 342ms
313 ES edeu 34s 344ms
314 FR kiki 34s 349ms
315 FR okok 34s 351ms
316 IT hjubgj 34s 357ms
317 AU husnain 34s 360ms
318 US Derple 34s 361ms
319 US jknnj 34s 363ms
320 PK khokhar 222 34s 364ms
321 AU MrWobbles 34s 365ms
322 CH joel 34s 365ms
323 GB mckyleoioi 34s 366ms
324 ES raul 34s 367ms
325 FR gogole 34s 368ms
326 US bud 34s 368ms
327 US bmlb 34s 372ms
328 AU haighy 34s 375ms
329 RE tamere 34s 375ms
330 US RJH 34s 380ms
331 US littledude-boss 34s 382ms
332 US gjkhjghhk 34s 382ms
333 US rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 34s 383ms
334 SK solid 34s 383ms
335 IT bii 34s 384ms
336 NO bjarki 34s 386ms
337 AU fg 34s 388ms
338 CO pene 34s 395ms
339 FR lolo 34s 395ms
340 CA Micheal 34s 401ms
341 US KEL 34s 401ms
342 IN keral 34s 402ms
343 US best-111 34s 405ms
344 FR amandine 34s 408ms
345 US tdog717 34s 408ms
346 US fredo 34s 410ms
347 US boi 34s 415ms
348 US kdsa 34s 420ms
349 US oof 34s 420ms
350 BR kevin10000 34s 422ms
351 US whit 34s 422ms
352 CA ddd 34s 425ms
353 US jkb 34s 426ms
354 IN advait goel 34s 428ms
355 US penice 34s 429ms
356 AU ella 34s 431ms
357 US Merk 34s 433ms
358 CA ddddd 34s 436ms
359 US Z22 34s 440ms
360 PK jutt 34s 441ms
361 ID CHARIS CP 34s 441ms
362 GB Fede 34s 441ms
363 ES rme 34s 442ms
364 IN daiwik 34s 443ms
365 CZ WOJAK 34s 444ms
366 US kee 34s 447ms
367 BA on 34s 450ms
368 GB kelso 34s 451ms
369 FR bg52 34s 453ms
370 AU joshua 34s 454ms
371 IT Jrdy 34s 458ms
372 AU jihu 34s 462ms
373 AU mitchy 34s 463ms
374 IN Abhishek 34s 464ms
375 BR jkjghghg41114gl 34s 464ms
376 CZ jura 34s 467ms
377 AU Mr Wobbles 34s 467ms
378 FR antoine 34s 468ms
379 NZ keegan 34s 468ms
380 AU mat 34s 469ms
381 PT kritico 34s 475ms
382 US paxton 34s 475ms
383 FR fox2 34s 476ms
384 US Trapt 34s 476ms
385 US brittany 34s 476ms
386 AU toxicjnd0706 34s 480ms
387 BR hiago 34s 482ms
388 US njk 34s 484ms
389 IN singam 34s 485ms
390 US UUUUU 34s 489ms
391 US haiden 34s 491ms
392 ID ari master 34s 493ms
393 US sddvbnm 34s 499ms
394 GB Kiron 34s 502ms
395 PY vkvn 34s 503ms
396 PK rana 34s 503ms
397 tomas 34s 504ms
398 SK hobart 34s 507ms
399 FR Le fuuut 34s 508ms
400 US mell 34s 512ms
401 ES tu puta madre 34s 513ms
402 AU dharr275 34s 515ms
403 US zfhjul 34s 515ms
404 NP Sujay Shrestha 34s 517ms
405 CA ffdddf 34s 525ms
406 FR rexxx 34s 525ms
407 GB ktm 34s 532ms
408 ALI SHAH 34s 532ms
409 US willy izzy 34s 534ms
410 US troy 34s 534ms
411 AT hulk 34s 536ms
412 AU sdd 34s 536ms
413 US JEFFISMAHNAME 34s 542ms
414 IN abhishek b 34s 547ms
415 VE geremy 34s 549ms
416 US ghhhhhhhhhhhh 34s 549ms
417 HN josueborjas 34s 551ms
418 sasasa 34s 553ms
419 BA solid boy 34s 556ms
420 NZ niuhg 34s 567ms
421 ID rafi 34s 568ms
422 FR GROSBITE 34s 568ms
423 MX CJGamer 34s 571ms
424 US Bleh 34s 571ms
425 US big dude 0987 34s 581ms
426 bacar420 34s 581ms
427 US ghjk 34s 582ms
428 FR jyjy 34s 582ms
429 ES ELPELLAS 34s 583ms
430 US Speedy 34s 584ms
431 FR bite 34s 589ms
432 US rgv 34s 593ms
433 AU brf34 34s 594ms
434 BR bgg 34s 595ms
435 BR juan e jean 34s 597ms
436 IN ASHUTOSH 34s 598ms
437 US fdhf 34s 598ms
438 US ccc 34s 599ms
439 AU vgfudhyrgyt 34s 600ms
440 BR Oderice 34s 600ms
441 GB Zemia 34s 600ms
442 PK dOn bhAi 34s 600ms
443 AU bfh 34s 600ms
444 FR etxcryx 34s 601ms
445 ES el menda 34s 602ms
446 IN priyatham 34s 602ms
447 FR ELLANDE 34s 603ms
448 NZ tyler 34s 603ms
449 AU vfgtv 34s 609ms
450 US ddog 34s 609ms
451 AU ghlkrthjig 34s 611ms
452 MK spe 34s 612ms
453 US HOOPKIDPJ 34s 614ms
454 US Leif1234 34s 614ms
455 BR toti 34s 615ms
456 AU Leazer 34s 615ms
457 IN Rohit 34s 616ms
458 MX ikki 34s 616ms
459 AL ghyur 34s 617ms
460 IN GYDGFTH 34s 620ms
461 US ejjj 34s 620ms
462 DE Chris1212 34s 624ms
463 CO Kennet 34s 625ms
464 US littledude-boi7 34s 627ms
465 IN sushil dahima 34s 628ms
466 GB PHIL 34s 628ms
467 AU btedg 34s 629ms
468 BR Henrique 34s 632ms
469 FR uoppp 34s 632ms
470 AU ben 34s 633ms
471 DE TheKing 34s 634ms
472 FR lechien 34s 634ms
473 US Big Booty Burl 34s 634ms
474 CO andres 34s 636ms
475 IT Leon 34s 636ms
476 US tdog-101 34s 637ms
477 US SDK 34s 638ms
478 US hi8 34s 638ms
479 maximus 34s 641ms
480 US Connor 34s 641ms
481 CZ Veronica 34s 642ms
482 DE jkbkb 34s 644ms
483 CA jd0919 34s 647ms
484 IN gowtham 34s 648ms
485 US Jason 34s 648ms
486 NZ MOTOX 34s 648ms
487 AU Asher ASHER 34s 649ms
488 AR Stargazer99 34s 650ms
489 US adf 34s 651ms
490 FR adrienVTT 34s 653ms
491 US hgflkj 34s 654ms
492 US Skid 34s 655ms
493 PK don 34s 659ms
494 AU mjr 34s 663ms
495 ES pellas 34s 663ms
496 US isaac 34s 665ms
497 IE Hashish 34s 669ms
498 US tdog777 34s 669ms
499 GB cicciput 34s 673ms
500 AR fer 34s 674ms
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