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Solid Rider
Level 8 - (All Time)
Rank Country Player Name Time
1 DE Marvin01 01m 11s 678ms
2 IT giaky72 01m 12s 202ms
3 IT Faggio 01m 13s 780ms
4 DE Player 01m 15s 188ms
5 ES ViLlA 01m 15s 703ms
6 GB Poo 01m 16s 105ms
7 ES gfrefd 01m 16s 161ms
8 GB kishan 01m 16s 330ms
9 DE Sahit 01m 16s 440ms
10 DE Destroyer 01m 16s 832ms
11 ES Alex 01m 17s 133ms
12 IT kallio 01m 17s 226ms
13 ES Mark SC 01m 17s 228ms
14 US reckless 01m 17s 286ms
15 GB the boss 01m 17s 331ms
16 RS ssa 01m 17s 681ms
17 US solis 01m 17s 849ms
18 ES txaber 01m 17s 910ms
19 RS Anja 01m 18s 346ms
20 AR Sebbas 01m 18s 395ms
21 BR DanieLoco 01m 18s 513ms
22 US tom 01m 18s 539ms
23 BA ivo 01m 18s 765ms
24 US Dante 01m 18s 969ms
25 RS Sssss 01m 19s 119ms
26 GR PNP 01m 19s 480ms
27 BR Paulo V 01m 19s 685ms
28 IT nik1sanferd 01m 19s 685ms
29 US nealo 01m 19s 778ms
30 BR Matias J 01m 19s 778ms
31 ES EmilioBT 01m 19s 888ms
32 ES OscaarGuerrero 01m 19s 942ms
33 GB the most solid 01m 20s 025ms
34 RS sasasasasa 01m 20s 061ms
35 MX llp 01m 20s 286ms
36 AE basil 01m 20s 290ms
37 ES Jose luis 01m 20s 393ms
38 RU AlexandrWake 01m 20s 468ms
39 GR jimpent 01m 20s 563ms
40 BR HugoBS 01m 20s 748ms
41 RS asim 01m 20s 752ms
42 ES miki 01m 20s 831ms
43 RS SOLID RIDER 01m 20s 838ms
44 SV aiuoe 01m 20s 851ms
45 NZ R3PRON3R 01m 21s 105ms
46 FR damien 01m 21s 157ms
47 DE bbb 01m 21s 544ms
48 BR paulov 01m 21s 553ms
49 MX dumb 01m 21s 628ms
50 ES nikifriky 01m 21s 716ms
51 DE dsfg 01m 21s 747ms
52 QA ELIARSE 01m 21s 979ms
53 RU Filinsky 01m 22s 070ms
54 AE jxdsd 01m 22s 076ms
55 RS mateja 01m 22s 161ms
56 EG hanafy 01m 22s 219ms
57 RS SSSAAA 01m 22s 255ms
58 AR Agustin 01m 22s 258ms
59 SK Adriano10 01m 22s 318ms
60 BR Sheldon 01m 22s 434ms
61 DZ oguz 01m 22s 440ms
62 IN sumant 01m 22s 589ms
63 ES kjhgfd 01m 22s 599ms
64 ES txando 01m 22s 688ms
65 AE jjjjj 01m 22s 763ms
66 BG asdasd 01m 22s 766ms
67 GB krish 01m 22s 789ms
68 PK YOUSUF 01m 22s 793ms
69 US danny 01m 22s 815ms
70 RU gruesom 01m 22s 833ms
71 LV Viktors 01m 22s 909ms
72 US ajh 01m 22s 982ms
73 IN CF KI 01m 23s 021ms
74 MX ocho 01m 23s 022ms
75 IT giulia 01m 23s 115ms
76 ES solid 01m 23s 151ms
77 GB Ryan 01m 23s 188ms
78 IT roby 01m 23s 208ms
79 BR CAIO 01m 23s 213ms
80 CA shaun 01m 23s 282ms
81 PK Muslman 01m 23s 285ms
82 GR STEFAN 21 01m 23s 355ms
83 RU Filin 01m 23s 383ms
84 MA ASLAM 01m 23s 408ms
85 BT dark rider 01m 23s 443ms
86 PL oober 01m 23s 444ms
87 US dayan 01m 23s 480ms
88 US cghcgh 01m 23s 541ms
89 BR uii 01m 23s 570ms
90 RS sasa 01m 23s 572ms
91 RS mica 01m 23s 579ms
92 SV eyenr 01m 23s 597ms
93 ES ihuhuh 01m 23s 610ms
94 GB louis 01m 23s 618ms
95 AE MeetMrj 01m 23s 621ms
96 GR savvas 01m 23s 707ms
97 GB Callum 01m 23s 814ms
98 US Carli 01m 23s 818ms
99 GB bozzell 01m 23s 887ms
100 AU ghcghv 01m 23s 890ms
101 IT kekko 01m 23s 938ms
102 RS abvgd 01m 23s 986ms
103 MX goonie 01m 23s 995ms
104 ES fddhfdhfjhrydtj 01m 24s 002ms
105 SV EYNER 01m 24s 004ms
106 TR ahmet ozdemir 01m 24s 020ms
107 US DIEGO 01m 24s 072ms
108 GB James 01m 24s 096ms
109 GB Jackson 01m 24s 129ms
110 FR maximus 01m 24s 143ms
111 BR adriano 01m 24s 167ms
112 RS lol 01m 24s 196ms
113 AU bptsy 01m 24s 221ms
114 IT jack 01m 24s 245ms
115 BR uhull 01m 24s 297ms
116 IN CHERRY 01m 24s 300ms
117 DE Fabi Locco 01m 24s 341ms
118 AR lmr 01m 24s 348ms
119 FR Matolito 01m 24s 351ms
120 US mike 01m 24s 375ms
121 CL rodrigo 01m 24s 419ms
122 ES hazzi 01m 24s 430ms
123 IT momo 01m 24s 446ms
124 ES kenber 01m 24s 466ms
125 CL martininchu 01m 24s 533ms
126 US hammer time 01m 24s 533ms
127 AU botsyy 01m 24s 534ms
128 US ben 01m 24s 550ms
129 EG hanfy 01m 24s 588ms
130 US TimL 01m 24s 600ms
131 DE DJskjfklasdfj 01m 24s 646ms
132 FR Leo 2 01m 24s 705ms
133 IT vinz88 01m 24s 766ms
134 ES rosalita 01m 24s 795ms
135 FR jryi 01m 24s 810ms
136 yamalak 01m 24s 859ms
137 GR stefan21 01m 24s 903ms
138 UY damian 01m 24s 906ms
139 IN recron 01m 24s 929ms
140 DE bbc 01m 24s 931ms
141 ES xcv777 01m 24s 970ms
142 BR Richard 01m 24s 973ms
143 IS bjarki 01m 24s 976ms
144 GB bob 01m 24s 997ms
145 US shaffer 01m 25s
146 BR caio surf 01m 25s 001ms
147 US Kyle 01m 25s 016ms
148 AR ellipi 01m 25s 025ms
149 ES asdfghjkl 01m 25s 026ms
150 ES dumbin 01m 25s 034ms
151 ES imytglmt 01m 25s 060ms
152 IT kl-jkl- 01m 25s 065ms
153 UA kobra10551 01m 25s 115ms
154 MX alo 01m 25s 148ms
155 GB ufiyf 01m 25s 171ms
156 FR euch 01m 25s 177ms
157 DE Tetova 01m 25s 290ms
158 AU jayden 01m 25s 318ms
159 US angel 01m 25s 321ms
160 US gfh 01m 25s 419ms
161 FR lolo 01m 25s 436ms
162 RS SAM 01m 25s 443ms
163 ES teodoro 01m 25s 468ms
164 FR lameche 01m 25s 494ms
165 CA gee 01m 25s 496ms
166 DE JAZHINCA 01m 25s 537ms
167 IT giaky 72 01m 25s 567ms
168 PE VIRGILIO G 01m 25s 576ms
169 TR MEMO 01m 25s 581ms
170 US big papa 01m 25s 584ms
171 ES luisote 01m 25s 586ms
172 CL jorge 01m 25s 616ms
173 MX JONATHAN 01m 25s 621ms
174 RS my name 01m 25s 671ms
175 GR dsf 01m 25s 707ms
176 CL marti 01m 25s 744ms
177 HU Levi 01m 25s 804ms
178 DE Peace 01m 25s 819ms
179 HU Coroner Clooney 01m 25s 832ms
180 BR Marco Moraes 01m 25s 850ms
181 GR sfgj 01m 25s 852ms
182 DE Lintfort 01m 25s 901ms
183 IT maecxi 01m 25s 933ms
184 AR lichi 01m 25s 939ms
185 GB brad 01m 25s 955ms
186 ES huttus 01m 25s 957ms
187 AE MJayy 01m 25s 981ms
188 EC cowboy 01m 26s 073ms
189 BR cazu 01m 26s 089ms
190 FR ghgh 01m 26s 094ms
191 DE jihzvvreu 01m 26s 097ms
192 AU botsy 01m 26s 098ms
193 RO ANDREI 01m 26s 121ms
194 VE NOSTRADAMU 01m 26s 121ms
195 GE efsdghgserg 01m 26s 134ms
196 DE lethalease 01m 26s 157ms
197 CR jerson 01m 26s 162ms
198 PK Ghost Rider 01m 26s 168ms
199 US GG 01m 26s 179ms
200 ES anas 01m 26s 183ms
201 AR tato 01m 26s 224ms
202 IN Karan 01m 26s 262ms
203 GB stephen 01m 26s 284ms
204 US sin cara 01m 26s 300ms
205 AR Matias 01m 26s 302ms
206 KR MSJ 01m 26s 329ms
207 GR lorenzo 01m 26s 342ms
208 BR xan 01m 26s 396ms
209 FR dfhb 01m 26s 406ms
210 PT CRPORTELA 01m 26s 421ms
211 IN harshit 01m 26s 467ms
212 PK Momin Gabool 01m 26s 485ms
213 FR matt et juju 01m 26s 488ms
214 IN D K 01m 26s 506ms
215 AR asdfghjk 01m 26s 510ms
216 EU Mads Steen 01m 26s 515ms
217 ES Bertx 01m 26s 545ms
218 FR samir 01m 26s 578ms
219 AU conor 01m 26s 586ms
220 IT lollo 01m 26s 587ms
221 BR Daniel 01m 26s 589ms
222 ES OscarGuerrero 01m 26s 606ms
223 AT pokl 01m 26s 615ms
224 IT ninio 01m 26s 615ms
225 DE khg 01m 26s 624ms
226 AU guyai 01m 26s 645ms
227 CA Vincent D 01m 26s 650ms
228 US kelby425 01m 26s 654ms
229 US scott 01m 26s 658ms
230 HU dutchock 01m 26s 678ms
231 US lkhug 01m 26s 731ms
232 US Rodariuis 01m 26s 791ms
233 CO nicolas 01m 26s 793ms
234 PK sock 01m 26s 800ms
235 GB shayzie 01m 26s 857ms
236 ES polltio 01m 26s 859ms
237 GR LAKIS GLIKULIS 01m 26s 863ms
238 PE paul 01m 26s 865ms
239 FI pepsi 01m 26s 866ms
240 US Nigguh 01m 26s 890ms
241 ES txami 01m 26s 894ms
242 ES Laura 01m 26s 953ms
243 CL tomas 01m 26s 954ms
244 IT dima 01m 26s 991ms
245 PK Moman Gabool 01m 26s 991ms
246 US Death Rider 01m 26s 994ms
247 HU stefi 01m 26s 997ms
248 AE hhhnh 01m 27s 009ms
249 US sssssss 01m 27s 030ms
250 SV hilde 01m 27s 050ms
251 BR Paulinho021 01m 27s 065ms
252 BR Guigo 01m 27s 067ms
253 ES alejandro 01m 27s 076ms
254 IT Balle 01m 27s 079ms
255 CL kenneth 01m 27s 081ms
256 RS SaraMateja 01m 27s 117ms
257 ES Rail 01m 27s 125ms
258 AU gjhfh 01m 27s 130ms
259 CH Skull 01m 27s 149ms
260 ES david 01m 27s 162ms
261 BR bryan 01m 27s 174ms
262 ES jesus 01m 27s 183ms
263 AR facundo 01m 27s 227ms
264 VE Gabriel Ps 01m 27s 231ms
265 US Lance wika 01m 27s 245ms
266 RS mili 01m 27s 247ms
267 GB arjun 01m 27s 247ms
268 AE llll 01m 27s 252ms
269 IT lele 01m 27s 252ms
270 US cccc 01m 27s 269ms
271 US Moe howard 01m 27s 277ms
272 US John 01m 27s 286ms
273 US BIGJ99 01m 27s 302ms
274 IT elvis97 01m 27s 315ms
275 IT MATTHEW 01m 27s 316ms
276 FR kill 01m 27s 335ms
277 DE Dean 01m 27s 337ms
278 US Underwood 01m 27s 338ms
279 GR george kontos 01m 27s 357ms
280 AR lukas 01m 27s 365ms
281 CR luis 01m 27s 374ms
282 FR dd ll 01m 27s 382ms
283 IT Phil 01m 27s 415ms
284 ES franki 01m 27s 420ms
285 DZ yacine 01 01m 27s 423ms
286 US kmnjhgvb 01m 27s 424ms
287 UA super841 01m 27s 434ms
288 US C 283 01m 27s 436ms
289 US justin 01m 27s 438ms
290 US garrett 01m 27s 454ms
291 GE Rame 01m 27s 471ms
292 BR thiago 01m 27s 474ms
293 US annies man 01m 27s 475ms
294 valeria 01m 27s 481ms
295 BR welinton 01m 27s 490ms
296 ES Antonio Sotelo 01m 27s 535ms
297 US ur mom 01m 27s 540ms
298 BR leo 01m 27s 540ms
299 BR negao 01m 27s 575ms
300 ES Laura i Silvia 01m 27s 591ms
301 A1 oii 01m 27s 592ms
302 DE hamisu 01m 27s 594ms
303 FR Pierre 01m 27s 597ms
304 FR anthony 01m 27s 615ms
305 IT mhjuuh 01m 27s 616ms
306 US austin 01m 27s 630ms
307 DE hhzh 01m 27s 633ms
308 FR thth 01m 27s 656ms
309 US XKNAK 01m 27s 669ms
310 AU hayley 01m 27s 672ms
311 AR george 01m 27s 695ms
312 GB gfg 01m 27s 725ms
313 ES tettte 01m 27s 734ms
314 GR KATHAT 01m 27s 743ms
315 PT pedro 01m 27s 745ms
316 AE nbhhuj 01m 27s 754ms
317 PT vito 01m 27s 764ms
318 FR Big-ride47 01m 27s 791ms
319 AU morgan 01m 27s 812ms
320 US jill 01m 27s 836ms
321 BR junior 01m 27s 842ms
322 RS ljuba 01m 27s 848ms
323 buharkent 01m 27s 867ms
324 TH IamSmidSolidgam 01m 27s 884ms
325 ES Aritz 01m 27s 899ms
326 PK Khurram Shafiq 01m 27s 900ms
327 FR boss192 01m 27s 908ms
328 FI martin 01m 27s 918ms
329 CY fdgjhdfg 01m 27s 919ms
330 AR exe 01m 27s 921ms
331 BR renato 01m 27s 932ms
332 RS nemanja 01m 27s 938ms
333 US VANKAS 01m 27s 948ms
334 US Kam 01m 27s 976ms
335 ES mojones 01m 27s 984ms
336 PE jorman 01m 27s 985ms
337 FR axel trotirider 01m 28s 009ms
338 ES teletabi 01m 28s 016ms
339 GB kizz 01m 28s 030ms
340 BR xand 01m 28s 046ms
341 US boyrider 01m 28s 049ms
342 US noo 01m 28s 064ms
343 US DCOLL 01m 28s 080ms
344 ES aadrian 01m 28s 101ms
345 ES hygtfds 01m 28s 108ms
346 CO hhh 01m 28s 119ms
347 US joebaggs 01m 28s 129ms
348 IT merlo 01m 28s 141ms
349 BR wellinton 01m 28s 154ms
350 DE KAMP-LINTFORT 01m 28s 155ms
351 ES jjjhg 01m 28s 162ms
352 BR eueu 01m 28s 163ms
353 IN YAKSSHA 01m 28s 172ms
354 AR Artuns 01m 28s 173ms
355 IS Bjarki XD 01m 28s 202ms
356 DE DeviLo1337 01m 28s 216ms
357 GB mhgbjhbg 01m 28s 229ms
358 ES jairo 01m 28s 233ms
359 US goodfella 01m 28s 244ms
360 US lkdj 01m 28s 260ms
361 ES orejaaa 01m 28s 266ms
362 SK monitta 01m 28s 272ms
363 RE Phenix97480 01m 28s 276ms
364 MX lost 01m 28s 277ms
365 AU Oreo 01m 28s 281ms
366 AE eev 01m 28s 284ms
367 ES hardcore13 01m 28s 296ms
368 US SQUIRT 01m 28s 315ms
369 NI DaveZ 01m 28s 317ms
370 ES jbjhb 01m 28s 320ms
371 FR hihj 01m 28s 323ms
372 BR gil 01m 28s 352ms
373 ZA jha 01m 28s 369ms
374 PK Nawab Of Dhundi 01m 28s 383ms
375 US dustey 01m 28s 384ms
376 BR pachuk 01m 28s 394ms
377 US jwc 01m 28s 395ms
378 US BIG KELT 01m 28s 418ms
379 PK kas23 01m 28s 429ms
380 AR DSBHUA 01m 28s 435ms
381 PK hamaytula 01m 28s 440ms
382 AE QWERTY 01m 28s 449ms
383 FR Gaboune 01m 28s 452ms
384 PK zuhaib 01m 28s 453ms
385 US kelt 01m 28s 454ms
386 BH Emmy Bajwa MYB 01m 28s 455ms
387 US Rodarius 01m 28s 456ms
388 PK now 01m 28s 471ms
389 DE ftft 01m 28s 483ms
390 US jarrin 01m 28s 487ms
391 US dfghfdggf 01m 28s 494ms
392 FR yjyj 01m 28s 496ms
393 GB Lady ConCon xox 01m 28s 498ms
394 ES ninoninoninon 01m 28s 500ms
395 US Mighty Midget 01m 28s 511ms
396 NL fhg 01m 28s 514ms
397 GB lucifer 01m 28s 520ms
398 BR Ninja 01m 28s 520ms
399 PK rayan 01m 28s 520ms
400 BR xandy 01m 28s 529ms
401 PL sojek 01m 28s 536ms
402 IT iron rider 01m 28s 548ms
403 GR Sakis 01m 28s 566ms
404 BR paulo r 01m 28s 577ms
405 ES ljnbjk 01m 28s 582ms
406 IN lax 01m 28s 609ms
407 US Bradley 01m 28s 632ms
408 BR bill 01m 28s 643ms
409 ES ramon 01m 28s 645ms
410 US cory 01m 28s 645ms
411 MX MONCADA 282x 01m 28s 667ms
412 AR silvio 01m 28s 767ms
413 IT cirovive 01m 28s 844ms
414 FR kjbl 01m 28s 869ms
415 CL tfhfghfghfg 01m 28s 914ms
416 ES sarita feaa 01m 28s 918ms
417 ES petit 01m 28s 921ms
418 PE Voraciuz 01m 28s 942ms
419 IN Abhiram 01m 28s 985ms
420 PK Samawal Turab 01m 29s 006ms
421 IN Vettel 01m 29s 039ms
422 FR jiuhb 01m 29s 049ms
423 US Cooper 01m 29s 055ms
424 AT ppp 01m 29s 078ms
425 IN bhavesh 01m 29s 081ms
426 US Devin 01m 29s 106ms
427 GB ellster 01m 29s 127ms
428 PK danish 01m 29s 221ms
429 ES pipa 01m 29s 234ms
430 DE ghj 01m 29s 321ms
431 BR arison 01m 29s 325ms
432 US Lucas G 01m 29s 408ms
433 GB Finch 01m 29s 424ms
434 US rex 01m 29s 492ms
435 RS caoo 01m 29s 507ms
436 US Edge22 01m 29s 516ms
437 AR ceci 01m 29s 532ms
438 FR natsu 01m 29s 533ms
439 ES tete 01m 29s 534ms
440 ES popopo 01m 29s 600ms
441 BA Bekso23 01m 29s 614ms
442 SV eynerr 01m 29s 742ms
443 CA jimmy101 01m 29s 743ms
444 FR joseph rochon64 01m 29s 870ms
445 AR lipi 01m 29s 915ms
446 ES ivar 01m 29s 922ms
447 ES leonel 01m 29s 928ms
448 IN NITHIN 01m 29s 943ms
449 GB jamie 01m 29s 966ms
450 IN tej 01m 30s 002ms
451 CL rtgrth 01m 30s 026ms
452 US LAMBO 01m 30s 055ms
453 ES nano 01m 30s 110ms
454 PT hkk 01m 30s 146ms
455 BG miro 01m 30s 152ms
456 AU matt 01m 30s 230ms
457 VE farruko 01m 30s 241ms
458 ES lionel 01m 30s 300ms
459 ES OscarG 01m 30s 365ms
460 IE fkfgkfd 01m 30s 378ms
461 FR yujy 01m 30s 417ms
462 VE Angelitho 01m 30s 419ms
463 GB pip 01m 30s 495ms
464 GR fdghs 01m 30s 539ms
465 PL pkkkkkkkkkk 01m 30s 550ms
466 GB jhbhh 01m 30s 673ms
467 CN lokeway 01m 30s 680ms
468 GB hahaha 01m 30s 710ms
469 ES ansa 01m 30s 749ms
470 US tyler 01m 30s 788ms
471 US lalala 01m 30s 789ms
472 ES feo 01m 30s 849ms
473 ES asdew 01m 30s 882ms
474 US BUB 01m 30s 883ms
475 US kbranscum 01m 30s 893ms
476 GB nhbh 01m 30s 920ms
477 US bobby 01m 30s 924ms
478 US kbrkjakdhf 01m 30s 924ms
479 PK mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 01m 30s 930ms
480 ID bouiem 01m 30s 933ms
481 AU frfgf 01m 30s 952ms
482 DZ moh 01m 30s 958ms
483 AU Will 01m 30s 975ms
484 ES pipo 01m 31s 032ms
485 FR nathan 01m 31s 047ms
486 US JohnBoy 01m 31s 077ms
487 RO abc 01m 31s 099ms
488 IT davide 01m 31s 101ms
489 ES sarita 01m 31s 102ms
490 AT akakak 01m 31s 105ms
491 SV BZCFXGBNXFGN 01m 31s 120ms
492 AU Breesy 01m 31s 125ms
493 ES lacasitos 01m 31s 186ms
494 IR mohammad 01m 31s 187ms
495 PK Ahmer 01m 31s 194ms
496 IN chaitanya 01m 31s 265ms
497 ES BPC 01m 31s 301ms
498 AU jggf 01m 31s 460ms
499 BR Victor 01m 31s 552ms
500 GB doller bills 01m 31s 568ms
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