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People on my Lawn 4

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Earlier version(s) of People on my Lawn 4 puzzle game:
People on my LawnPeople on my Lawn
Look to chase away or get rid of the astronauts that have landed on your planet! Help the aliens defend their planet by striking down the humans with rockets. Manipulate the paths of the missiles in order to break through any barriers in the way, ultimately finding the astronauts as the target. Use magnets and clever planning to eliminate all of the humans in every level.
People on my Lawn 2People on my Lawn 2
Play as an angry alien who has decided that the time has come that all aliens must band together and stop the human astronauts, who happen to be invading your land. Gather up your advanced weaponry and head on into 50 new levels of rocket launching mayhem. Use the red magnets to attract rockets and blue magnets to repel your rockets. Break apart obstacles in your path and destroy them all.
People on my Lawn 3People on my Lawn 3
Protect your home turf from the human invaders in this puzzle game. Stop all the human invaders in each level. Use magnets to alter the path of your rockets and break blocks by shooting them to open up access areas. Watch your rocket shots as you only have a limited amount, and all humans must be destroyed in each level. Complete a level with a three-star bonus when you use less than your maximum amount of rockets and rid your land of the humans.
Future version(s):

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