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Penguins Attack 5

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Earlier version(s) of Penguins Attack 5 strategy game:
Penguins Attack 2Penguins Attack 2
Take the time that you need to build your towers. You have to prepare yourself before the penguins begin their wicked assaults. Try your very best and do not surrender.
Penguins Attack 3Penguins Attack 3
Make sure that your weapons are strong enough to defend your base from the wicked flightless birds. They are tough to beat especially when you have a lot of weak towers.
Penguins Attack 4Penguins Attack 4
Become a war strategist and plan your attacks by carefully looking at the battlefield. Set the right location as to where you will put your towers. Do this before the enemy gets to penetrate your area.
When Penguins AttackWhen Penguins Attack
Release a counter attack to defend your beach from the nasty penguins. Spend your cash on Bio and Electro Towers. Find a good spot and build these towers to shoot the penguins.
Future version(s):

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