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Monsterland 6

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Earlier version(s) of Monsterland 6 puzzle game:
Meet Senior, a big monster who doesn't do anything but sleep. Can you find a way to wake him up? Perhaps you could ask the help of Junior, a very energetic monster who likes to hop.
Monsterland 2Monsterland 2
Try to annoy the sleepy monster so that it finally wakes up. The other monsters are too scared to do anything and only Junior has the guts to wake him up.
Monsterland 3Monsterland 3
Put the small red monster of top the giant one. Think of a way to also take the other monsters out of the stack. Limit your clicks to earn more golden stars.
Monsterland 4Monsterland 4
Help the little monsters, Jenny and Junior, wake their big monster father up from his constant napping. Guide Junior and Jenny to the end of the level, where the father is sleeping, by removing platform monsters with a simple click, dropping ice block monsters down onto buttons to open locked monsters, and by breaking his hat with Jenny. Pop, click, and drop monsters throughout each level in order to solve the puzzle and get the children to their father.
Future version(s):

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