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Monkey Go Happy 5

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Earlier version(s) of Monkey Go Happy 5 puzzle game:
Monkey Go Happy 2Monkey Go Happy 2
Please the moody monkey. He keeps on shedding his tears and he looks really sad. He will only smile if you do a lot of funny things like bumping your sleigh into a snowman.
Monkey Go Happy 3Monkey Go Happy 3
Meet the moody monkeys. They are always crying and they won't stop until they see a lot of interesting things. You can make them happy if you agree to do a lot of exciting deeds.
Monkey Go Happy 6Monkey Go Happy 6
Test your wits in solving a series of mind-boggling brain quizzes. Each level has a different set of tests. Your goal is solve these tests by searching for the missing objects.
Monkey Go Happy AdventureMonkey Go Happy Adventure
Find all of the hidden coins. Once you've collected enough, use them to buy the items that you need to retrieve the toys inside the mysterious castle. Do your best so that the mother monkey will no longer feel sad.
Monkey Go Happy BalloonsMonkey Go Happy Balloons
Help the monkeys retrieve their hidden balloons in this simple puzzle game. Use your mouse to solve the puzzle and reveal all of the balloons. Click each and every balloon to collect them and complete the level. Trade in collected balloons for gifts and toys for each of the mini monkeys. Collect all of the toys in order to win the game.
Monkey Go Happy CandyMonkey Go Happy Candy
Choose and dress up your monkey and then enter the world of candy! Successfully make your monkey go happy by solving all the various puzzles within the locations of the map by collecting objects, placing them in your inventory and then using them on various places around the map. Collect 80 different gummy bears along the way to make your monkey truly happy, and keep a close eye out for codes and numbers. Solve each puzzle in a particular order to find all the candy and make your monkey ultimately happy.
Monkey Go Happy DragonMonkey Go Happy Dragon
Cheer up your sad monkey by solving the various puzzles throughout the locations in all seventeen stages of this puzzle game. Use clues and items from the places that you explore to solve riddles and eventually summon a dragon. Use your bright wits in this edition as you'll find yourself using items in areas that aren't normally for use there, thus making this version a little more brain-busting then the other primate go happy games.
Monkey Go Happy ElevatorsMonkey Go Happy Elevators
Solve the mystery on each floor by finding all the toys that are hidden inside the cabinet drawers. These toys can make the little monkeys smile so do your best to collect them all.
Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2
Stop the little monkeys inside the elevator from crying. They want their toys back. The toys are hidden somewhere inside the puzzling rooms but you will need a code to open the locker.
Future version(s):

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