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Gibbets 6

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Earlier version(s) of Gibbets 6 shooting game:
Aim towards the rope by dragging the string of the bow to the opposite direction. Once you have fixed the range of your target, release the string to shoot the arrow.
Gibbets 2Gibbets 2
Save the man. He is being hanged on a gibbet and will eventually die as soon as he runs out of breathe. Aim your arrow towards the rope. You are his only hope.
Gibbets 2 Level PackGibbets 2 Level Pack
Be brave enough to save the innocent people. Use your keen eyes and set your target. If you can successfully cut the ropes, the people will no longer be attached to their scaffolds.
Gibbets 3Gibbets 3
Complete each level by shooting the arrow towards the rope of the gibbet. Be extra wary. If you make a mistake, you could hurt the head of the beautiful damsel.
Gibbets 4Gibbets 4
Save dying prisoners in this race against time, as each one slowly suffocates from being hanged. Aim your bow by clicking on it and drawing back with your mouse. Aim to cut the ropes above each prisoner's head, and then punish the hangmen by shooting them. Create your own levels using the level editor by placing your bow, scenery, obstacles and objectives, then save it for the world to try.
Gibbets Santa in TroubleGibbets Santa in Trouble
Aim your arrow towards the rope that is attached to the gibbet. Remember, you have to be precise. If you are careless, your arrow could go straight towards Santa Claus.
Future version(s):

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