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Feed Us 6

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Earlier version(s) of Feed Us 6 action game:
Feed UsFeed Us
Swim on the river and create havoc by killing a lot of innocent civilians. The people will fear you because you are fierce piranha and you can mercilessly take their blood.
Feed Us 2Feed Us 2
Guide the hungry piranha as it lurks into the underwater caves while waiting for its next prey. It must kill at least one guy to collect the blood that it needs for upgrades.
Feed Us 3Feed Us 3
Sink at least two boats before you run out of time. As the river's deadliest piranha, you will not allow the humans to freely roam around your area. If they insist, they will die.
Feed Us 4Feed Us 4
Escape from your aquarium and try to think of something that could possibly lead you back to your favorite lake. Since you're a blood-sucking piranha, you will always be looking for a new prey.
Feed Us 4 XmasFeed Us 4 Xmas
Launch a surprise attack as you startle the people who are carelessly enjoying their lake escapade. Suck their blood then go to the shop to upgrade your fins, scales and tail.
Feed Us 5Feed Us 5
Bite and suck the blood of your victims. Since you've been captured, you must find a way to escape the aquarium. Go back to the lake where you used to swim without caution.
Feed Us HappyFeed Us Happy
Use your spacebar to swim past obstacles and collect pools of blood in this side-scroller game. Press the spacebar to make your piranha swim up a short distance. Stop pressing the spacebar to let the piranha drop until the spacebar is hit again. Swim through schools of fish and clouds of blood to collect it for use in the store to purchase upgrades. Avoid hazards such as walls and debris, as crashing too many times will force you to restart.
Feed Us Lost IslandFeed Us Lost Island
Feed the hungry piranha. It wants to eat some flesh and suck the blood out of the innocent villagers. Trade the blood that you have collected for upgrades and weapons.
Feed Us PiratesFeed Us Pirates
Destroy the pirate ships and let your piranha attack and devour the sea bandits. Remember, your piranha must be able to suck enough blood to survive.
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