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Duck Life 5

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Earlier version(s) of Duck Life 5 strategy game:
Duck LifeDuck Life
Pick an egg and raise a duck. It may look like an ordinary farm duck but it can actually do a lot of sporty things. It can run, fly, swim, climb and hop!
Duck Life 2Duck Life 2
Play the role of an athletic duck trainer. It may sound impossible but you are going to train your duck so that it will be able to beat its fellow duck racers.
Duck Life 3Duck Life 3
Participate in the Grand Duck Racing Tournament and train your genetically modified duck. You will surely win if you can manage to train the right duck. Choose the one that can swim, run and hop.
Duck Life 4Duck Life 4
Continue to train a lot of racing ducks. Just keep in mind that the rules have changed and the tournament will no longer accept those trainers with genetically modified ducks.
Future version(s):

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