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Friv is a uniquely-designed gaming portal for the very best free online games. It's not as fancy as any other sites and it lacks the needed perks for social interaction such as gaming forums and leader boards. But there's something about Friv that would make you want to play its free flash games. And that is its simple and direct approach.

At the very moment that you land on Friv's homepage at Friv.com, you will be seeing a flash-based screen where you can browse all the games that you want to play. They are tiled and you will not see any detailed context or game titles. You will only be able to know the name of the game by placing your mouse over a particular tile. To play one, simply click on a tile. You will then be able to see it in a large window.

One of the best things about Friv is that you won't be seeing any disturbing ads. Thus, you can concentrate on your game without annoyance. Most of the games that you can find on this gaming portal are easy and kid-friendly. There are games for girls, for boys and even for those who are bored. At Friv, you can play Raft Wars, a game where the main character and his little brother will have to fight a troop of Vikings and punks. But that's not all. You can also play this cute game called Dream Date Dressup. As its name suggests, you will dress to impress to make sure that your dream date will like your new dress. It's just that the site won't give you any overview. There's no hint or whatsoever. For you to be able to know more about the game, you will have no other choice but to play.

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