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Cover Orange 3

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Earlier version(s) of Cover Orange 3 puzzle game:
Cover OrangeCover Orange
Use your mouse to drop the wooden crate right above the scared orange. By doing so, the crate can protect the orange from the deadly spikes that comes from the evil cloud.
Cover Orange 2Cover Orange 2
Help the orange as it tries its best to survive. The evil cloud keeps on wandering and it is determined to use its acid rain to harm the skin of the poor orange.
Cover Orange Journey KnightsCover Orange Journey Knights
Hurry and drop the floating treasure box over your shivering orange hero. You need to cover it properly. Do it before the nasty black cloud gets to drop its load of sharp spikes.
Cover Orange Journey PiratesCover Orange Journey Pirates
Foil the plans of the sinister acid rain cloud by changing the environment to suit your needs. Place objects on the screen by dropping them into the level with your mouse. Use parts of the environment, such as explosives, to change parts of the environment you cannot reach. Save every orange, as allowing even one to be touched by pollution will result in the immediate failure of the level.
Cover Orange Journey Wild WestCover Orange Journey Wild West
Solve the puzzles in each level as you play as an Orange who has been kidnapped and taken out to the Wild West where storms rage and birds fly overhead. Use bombs, crates, and break platforms in order to seek out and find unique ways of creating shelter for your Orange. Play through the levels and see how many puzzles you can successfully master by covering up your little orange companion.
Cover Orange Players Pack 2Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Be keen and look around your surroundings. You might find a couple of simple things that you can use to cover the frightened orange. It must not be exposed to the deadly acid rain.
Cover Orange Players Pack 3Cover Orange Players Pack 3
Look out for the evil cloud! It is going to drop its acid rain. Hurry and look for anything that could help protect the precious skin of the smiley faced orange.
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