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Bomb It 8

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Earlier version(s) of Bomb It 8 action game:
Bomb It 3Bomb It 3
Roam around the arcade and blast the stuffs that you think would just block your way. Don't forget to collect the bonus items. Some of these items can be used to kill your foes.
Bomb It 4Bomb It 4
Dress up your favorite character and get ready to battle! You will have to do your best to win the battle. If not, you won't be able to unlock the outfits.
Bomb It 5Bomb It 5
Go into the fancy arcade where there are a lot of sweet things such as candies and cakes. Turn the arcade into a battleground and kill your fellow players by blasting them off before they manage to escape.
Bomb It 6Bomb It 6
Play a game of survival wherein you will have to be wise enough to outwit and outplay your fellow bomber bots. Place your bombs on their path and be sure to get rid of them all.
Bomb It Kart RacerBomb It Kart Racer
Race your way to the finish line. Use your power-ups to outrace your opponents. Make sure that your kart is fast enough or else, it will become more difficult for you to secure the first spot.
Future version(s):

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