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Bloons 3

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Earlier version(s) of Bloons 3 shooting game:
Hold your darts and get ready to pop the balloons that will appear on your screen. Your total score will depend upon the number of balloons that you have successfully popped.
Bloons 2Bloons 2
Roam around the vast Popping Fields until you reach the meadows. Play around by popping the special balloons. Try to limit your shots and aim to get those balloons with bonus darts.
Bloons 2 Christmas ExpansionBloons 2 Christmas Expansion
Experience the fun that you can only have during Christmas season. Take your monkey to the North Pole and pop the balloons to unlock a variety of gifts and new weapons.
Bloons 2 Spring FlingBloons 2 Spring Fling
Take your balloon-popping adventures to a whole new level and feel the wonderful spring breeze. Each stage will be filled with colored balloons. Pop the balloons and try to beat your previous score.
Bloons InsanityBloons Insanity
Try to keep yourself sane as you will be challenged to go through the game's most difficult levels. The rule is simple. Reach the target amount of popped balloons to pass.
Bloons Super MonkeyBloons Super Monkey
Win a gold, silver or bronze medal by guiding the super monkey. It must accomplish its mission and that is to get rid of all the annoying balloons by simply throwing a lot of darts.
Bloons Tower Defense 4Bloons Tower Defense 4
Do not allow the balloons to reach the end of the road. Use the Dart Monkey to pop the slow-moving balloons. Earn the cash that you need to upgrade your towers and weapons.
Bloons Tower Defense 4 ExpansionBloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion
Pass each round by carefully placing the towers on your desired location. These towers will defend you from the horde of balloons. Pop at least ten to increase your rank.
Bloons Tower Defense 5Bloons Tower Defense 5
Defend your headquarters at all cost. It is imperative that you must not allow any of the bloons to enter your private zone. If they do then you will have no choice but to destroy them all!
More BloonsMore Bloons
Delight yourself with more bloons. The bloons will appear in different colors and forms but it would be better if you can pop the ones that will give you a higher score.
Future version(s):

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