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Bike Mania 7

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Earlier version(s) of Bike Mania 7 racing game:
Bike Mania 3Bike Mania 3
Challenge your skills and dare to break the limits. If you are all set, take a deep breath for you are about to pass a course that's totally covered with ice!
Bike Mania 4Bike Mania 4
Shrink yourself and experience what it feels like to race inside your household. Be careful though. You could get yourself hurt if you can't get your bike over the mouthpiece of your telephone.
Bike Mania 5Bike Mania 5
Race in a very unusual place and try to get your bike over a range of military tanks. Persist until you reach the finish line. It's time to upgrade your riding skills to the next level.
Bike Mania Arena 1Bike Mania Arena 1
Get ready for you are about to experience the most thrilling race of your life. Bike your way out through a series of obstacles. You have to go over a pile of crates and lumbers.
Bike Mania Arena 2Bike Mania Arena 2
Try to balance yourself as you ride your motorcycle. You have to go over the pile of concrete blocks without crashing on the ground. Don't increase your speed unless you're sure about your next action.
Bike Mania RebornBike Mania Reborn
Ride your motorbike and escape the ruins before you get hit by those falling boulders. Even so, don't let these obstacles stop you from doing some of your extreme mid-air stunts!
Future version(s):

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